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Elevate Your Logistics Experience: Uniting Storage, Fulfilment, Customs Expertise, and Sustainability under One Roof

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Secure, Spacious, and Specialized: Your Trusted Choice for Oversize Storage with 24/7 Security, Vehicle Storage, Stock Management, and Monthly Reports

From pens and blankets to lorries and aircraft, we can cater for all storage needs.  Consumables, time-sensitive, and more.  With the ability to do maintenance and repairs on site if necessary.  


Seamless Fulfilment Services: Delivering Excellence with Pre and Post Inspections.

Specialist trucks are available e.g. covered vehicle transporters, handled by our expert staff. 


Class Leading Logistics across continents: UK, Europe, and Africa


Navigating Brexit Regulations with Expert Customs Management


Xpression use our own trucks, trailers and vans, therefore saving the customer costs of hire


All our vehicles are serviced by our own expert technicians in-house, therefore making servicing as cost effecting as possible.


Global Partnership with UPN

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