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  • Xpression have over 40 ULEZ compliant vehicles of all sizes

  • Xpression also have a number of ZEZ (Zero Emmission Zone) vehicles including ID Buzz

ULEX Compliance

  • Covered Transporters

  • Single Vehicle

  • Can be liveried / Branded

  • RL6 complete with wynch and storage

  • Towed by relevant Xpression trucks, ULEZ compliant

  • Insurance Cover in place

Brian James, Vehicle Trailer

Single Vehicle Covered Transporters

  • Covered transporter

  • 4000 kg payload

  • ULEZ compliant

Multi Vehicle Covered Transporters

  • Full tail lift and wynch allowing low vehicles to be loaded e.g. race cars

  • 6 standard vehicles 3 vans

  • Ulez complient

  • Can be liveried

  • Will take EV's

Schmitz Trailers

Specifically built for Event Logistics

ID Buzz

Fully electric

Suitable for ULEX or ZEZ areas

250 mile range between charges

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